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January 30 - February 2, 2012
European Institute of Chemistry and Biology
Bordeaux-Pessac, FRANCE

Foldamers are artificial folded molecular architectures inspired by biopolymers. Foldamers can be designed and produced using stepwise synthetic approaches, polymerization methods and molecular biology tools. They find applications in a broad range of areas from materials to biology. This symposium will focus on various aspects of the design and preparation of foldamers, the structural characterization of their structures and folding propensity, and their properties and function. A prime objective will be to illustrate the multidisciplinary aspects of the field. The workshop is held under the joint patronage of COST Action CM0803 and Marie Curie IAPP FOLDAPPI project (FP7). The opening lecture is scheduled on January 30th at 5pm. Closing of the workshop will be on February 2nd after the conference Banquet. Attendance will be limited to ca 120 participants.

Invited lectures, oral communications and poster cessions will be scheduled in the final program.

Organizing committee

I. Huc (IECB, Bordeaux), G. Guichard (IECB Bordeaux), M. Laguerre (IECB Bordeaux), T. Martinek (Univ. Szeged), R. Ortuño (UAB, Barcelona), D. Aitken (Univ. Paris-Sud), A. Wilson (Univ. Leeds), F. Fülöp (Univ. Szeged)




Registration : December 15th 2011
Abstract submission : December 15th 2011