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Support services at IECB consist of staffs in administration and finance, infrastructure and maintenance, as well as 10 permanent technicians dedicated to IECB’s technology platform.

The support services unit UMS3033/US001 is jointly funded by the CNRS, the Inserm and the UniversitĂ© of Bordeaux, and receives financial support from the Nouvelle Aquitaine Regional Council. Research teams also contribute to  financing those general services.

UMS/US Organization chart to download

Administration and infrastructures

  • Administrative director: Sylvie DJIAN, IR, CNRS

Executive assistant 

  • Executive assistant and UMS accounting and administration officer: Claire-HĂ©lène BIARD, AI, Inserm

Research team administration and finances

  • Accounting and administration officer: Laetitia COINTEMENT, Tech, Inserm
  • Accounting and administration officer: Catherine DUPRAT, Tech, Inserm
  • Accounting and administration officer: Laurent KUBICKI, Tech, Inserm
  • Accounting and administration officer: Sandra LAVENANT, Tech, Univ. Bordeaux
  • Accounting and administration officer: AmĂ©lie STOTZINGER, Tech, Inserm


Infrastructures, building ans logistic

  • IT manager: GĂ©rald CANET, IE, Inserm
  • It technicien: Eric ROUBIN, Tech., Inserm
  • Infrastructure Officer: Patrice DUBEDAT, Ajt, Univ. Bordeaux


Structural Biophysico-chemistry facilities

  • Head of the facilitie Brice KAUFFMANN, IR, CNRS
  • Crystallography: StĂ©phane MASSIP, IE, Univ. Bordeaux
  • Electron Microscopy: Armel Bezault, IE, CNRS

  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: Estelle MORVAN, IE CNRS

  • Surface Plasmon Resonance - CD – ITC : Laetitia MINDER, AI, Inserm :

  • Mass spectrometry: FrĂ©dĂ©ric ROSU, IR CNRS

  • Biochemistry and molecular Biology :
    • Head : Jean-Michel BLANC, IE, Inserm
    • Biochemistry and molecular Biology: Thierry DAKHLI, Tech, Inserm
    • Laundry : Myriam MEDERIC, Tech, Inserm
  • Peptide synthesis : LoĂŻc KLINGER, AI, CNRS

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