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Project leader positions at IECB - Bordeaux 2022


Group leader positions at IECB Bordeaux – Call 2022

The European Institute of Chemistry and Biology, Institut Européen de Chimie et Biologie (IECB, www.iecb.u-bordeaux.fr) is a research team incubator placed under the joint tutelage of the University of Bordeaux, CNRS and INSERM. It benefits from the effective scientific environment of the Bordeaux campus in the Southwest of France. The team incubation period is typically 10 years, and teams are selected by an international Scientific Advisory Board. The Institute currently hosts 15 research groups developing their research projects at the interface of chemistry and biology.

The IECB is looking for candidates with the following profiles:

-A general call for candidates proposing an interdisciplinary project at the interfaces of cell biology, chemical biology, biophysics and/or structural biology, who could establish synergies with current groups, in fields including—but not limited to—antimicrobial resistance, nucleic acid targeting, glycobiology, membrane organization, neuroscience, adhesive complexes and synapse biology,protein aggregation, biomolecular condensates and phase separation.

-A targeted call for expert candidates in molecular simulation or bioinformatics and artificial intelligence developing cutting-edge methodologies to solve structural biology, biophysics, drug design and/or cell biology questions.

-A targeted call for a cellular biologist interested in the molecular underpinnings of, for example, bacterial envelopes, plant membranes, regulation of gene expression, cancer, immunology, or microbiology.

Female candidates are especially encouraged to apply.

The group leaders will have full autonomy to manage their research group. They will have privileged access to IECB’s facilities in structural biology, structural chemistry and biophysics (NMR, MS, cryo-EM, crystallography, peptide synthesis, protein production, biomolecular interaction analysis, server room,…). In the field of cancer research, candidates interested in sarcoma, kidney, breast cancer or oncogeriatrics would benefit from facilitated access to clinical samples and clinical support. In the field of plant research, candidates interested in plant membrane structure and signaling would benefit from facilitated access to green houses and plant cell culture.

Applicants are primarily expected to be at an early stage of their research career (with 2-8 years of post-doctoral experience) although high-quality senior applications will be considered as well. Selected applicants will be asked to apply for start-up funding such as the ATIP-Avenir programme, FRM "amorçage", ANR support or ERC, and will be supported to secure a permanent research position in France if they don’t already hold one. Applicants should be fluent in English. Knowledge of French is not mandatory.

Applicants are invited to submit prior to June 15, 2022:

-a cover letter

-an extended biosketch describing your background and up to five main achievements (max. 5 pages)

-a research proposal (max. 5 pages)

-a full CV

-Names and contact information of 2-4 references

to: Dr Valérie GABELICA ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

copy to: Mrs. Claire-Hélène BIARD ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

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