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Founding principles

Scientific excellence

Team leaders are selected and evaluated by IECB's International Scientific Advisory Board. This body of external experts insures that the best candidates are recruited on the sole basis of their scientific value, leadership skills and interest in interdisciplinary projects.


Teams are first hired for a probative period of 2 years, after which they are offered a 4-year contract, renewable once. The incubation period cannot exceed 10 years. The induced turn-over leaves room for the recruitment of one or two new teams every year.


A starting grant is allocated to new group leaders. Awarded for a period of two years, it consists of a package which comprises human ressources, equipements and operating costs. Teams are then expected to become financially independent.


Team leaders are fully independent with regards to the management and financial aspects of their projects. Support with administration and logistics, as well as privileged access to state-of-the-art research facilities in structural biology and analytical and preparative techniques, is provided by IECB.

International and interdisciplinary research

IECB provides research teams with a work environment designed to foster interdisciplinary interactions. Teams are encouraged to develop joint research projects as well as international partnerships with public and private research centres.

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