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Created in 2003 by former IECB team leaders, Fluofarma is a preclinical contract research organization specialized in providing tailored services in cell biology and high content analysis, an approach highly solicited in association with predictive tools and cell-based models, thereby fulfilling pharmaceutical industry requirements to optimize the drug discovery pipeline. Fluofarma’s expertise include in vitro disease models, cell-cell interaction models, assay development, and tissue analysis, all combined with the latest technologies in automated flow cytometry, high content imaging, live imaging, and high content histology.

In 2015, Fluofarma has been acquired by Porsolt SAS, a long established preclinical CRO with an international reputation for expertise in physio-pathological models. The acquisition of Fluofarma complements Porsolt’s extensive drug discovery portfolio of services and capabilities addressing multiple stages of the drug discovery process

Fluofarma services & capacities in drug discovery:

Development of complex in vitro models & cell-based assays
> Generation of multi-cell type cultures & in vitro disease models in 384-well format
> Production & analysis of 3D microtissues based on cell lines & primary cells
> Development, multiplexing, miniaturization and automation of cellular assays

Cell-based high-content screening (over 100 validated cellular assays)
> High-throughput functional target validation : SiRNA screening
> Phenotypic & molecular screening of compound libraries, lead optimization services
> Preclinical proof-of-concept services : drug efficacy, predictive toxicology, mechanism of action studies

Quantitative biomarker analysis in blood & tissues

> Custom development of biomarker assays based on IF/IHC staining
> High-content histology: automated biomarker quantification in tissue microrrays (TMAs)
> Multiplexed detection of surface & intracellular biomarkers in whole blood samples by flow cytometry


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