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Aptamers are relevant biotechnological tools in many fields : health, cosmetics, environmental sciences (enzyme inhibitor, label, probe, biosensor...). In 2005, the IECB team “Small RNA & Aptamers” (INSERM U869) assembled the first automated platform for aptamer selection in France, an equipement that speeds up the selection from 3 months to 2 weeks. In order to develop biotechnological applications of aptamers, the team created Novaptech, it was initialy a technology transfer unit associated to the lab. Since 2017 Novaptech is a society and has been collaborating with academic and private labs, using aptamer-based tools against proteins, peptides, small molecules, toxins or nucleic acids :


Service agreements

  • Identification of aptamers (RNA, DNA, chemically modified oligonucleotides) through an automated in vitro process)
  • Optimization of selected aptamers by minimizing their size and improving nuclease resistance,
  • Conjugation of aptamers to biotin, fluorophore, amine, thiol groups.

Biotechnological development of aptamers

  • Development of new tools in analytical, diagnostic (sensoring. imaging) or therapeutic fields.


Collaborative research projects

  • Implementation of new strategies to promote and develop the use of aptamers
  • Improvement of the automated platform by developing new procedures and components.

Sectors of activity

  • Healthcare & biology
  • Environment
  • Food & nutrition
  • Diagnostic & imaging
  • Chemistry & pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetics         


  • Molecular probes for imaging                 
  • Biosensors                             
  • Target validation, drug delivery, drug discovery
  • Therapeutic agent                           
  • Research (affinity purification, cell sorting, protein-binding RNA sites, ELONA)                       

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