Home News Valérie Gabelica obtains an ERC consolidator grant
Valérie Gabelica obtains an ERC consolidator grant

Valerie Gabelica obtains an ERC consolidator grant

A 2 M€ grant has been awarded to the project DNAFOLDIMS - Advanced mass spectrometry approaches to reveal nucleic acid folding energy landscapes.

The research integrates a multidisciplinary approach, from physical and analytical chemistry to molecular biology. The project will address the fundamentals of nucleic acid ionization and transfer in the gas phase, develop a unique instrumental setup combining mass spectrometry, ion mobility and circular dichroism ion spectroscopy, and apply these new approaches to biologically important nucleic acids, in order to reveal the mechanisms of ligand-induced conformational changes in important regulatory structures such as G-quadruplex or riboswitches.

Valérie Gabelica joined the IECB in January 2013 with an ATIP-Avenir fellowship, and obtained a Research Director position at the Inserm in December 2013. After Anne Royou and Ivan Huc in 2012, Valerie Gabelica is the third ERC grantee at the IECB.

For more information on the research, visit the Team’s Website.

For open positions related to the project, see the Open Positions page.

Source: ERC press release, section Physical Sciences and Engineering (PE4), 14.01.2014.

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