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1st edition of the SIRIC-BRIO Workshop

1st edition of the SIRIC-BRIO Workshop

The 1st edition of the workshop of the Integrated Cancer Research Site (SIRIC) of Bordeaux, called BRIO (Bordeaux Oncology Integrated Research), took place on November, the 7th.

The IECB, that counts 4 research teams involved in this regional SIRIC, welcomed this 1st scientific meeting.

More than one hundred attendees came to hear the latest research results on oncology.

Cancer metabolism, cell signaling deregulation, oncogenesis, clinical trials or elderly patient surgery were among the topics covered during this day.

The guest speakers, PhDs, Professors or clinical physicians, came from CNRS, , Inserm, Universities of Liverpool, Pampelune and Bordeaux, The Bergonié Institute, Bordeaux University Hospital and of course the IECB.

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About the SIRIC BRIO:

The SIRIC BRIO, held by the Bergonié Institute and headed by Pr. Pierre Soubeyran, brings together research teams from the University Hospital, Bordeaux University, CNRS and Inserm. The SIRIC BRIO was certified by the INCa (the National Institute of Cancer) in 2012.

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