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IECB welcomed a delegation of the Medical Research Foundation

IECB welcomed a delegation of the Medical Research Foundation

On October the 1st, IECB was pleased to welcome a regional delegation of the Medical Research Foundation (FRM). The FRM came to meet Axel Innis and Raul Duran whose promising research works are financially supported by the Foundation.

The meeting attracted about thirty visitors (volunteers from the Foundation, regional investors and institutional bodies).

They heard FRM and IECB presentations, and A. Innis and R. Duran description of their work. Then they had the opportunity to visit the researchers’ lab and the outstanding technological platforms of the Institute.

Axel Innis’s project is dedicated to the bacterial ribosome and the way it produces some proteins. His objective is not only to have a better understanding of the sophisticated performance of ribosomes, but also to find new classes of antibiotics without bacterial resistance.
His team is affiliated to the ARNA Laboratory ((Inserm U869, Université de Bordeaux).

Raul Duran focuses his research on the crosstalk between metabolism and cell signaling in cancer cells. He’s particularly studying the glutamine dependence of cancer cells to grow and spread. Most of the current treatments target the cell signaling to decrease glutamine consumption; the goal of Raul and his team is to improve the efficiency of the treatment by targeting both cell signaling and metabolism. His team is affiliated to the VINCO unit (U916, Inserm/ Université de Bordeaux/ Institut Bergonié).

About the FRM :

The Medical Research Foundation supports the medical research in many fields:
Alzheimer disease, cancers, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, leukemia, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease, neglected diseases, … with the will to combat diseases and relieve pain.
Every year, the FRM finances research projects in which more than 750 scientists and research teams are involved.


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