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A new Group Leader at IECB !

raul3A new Group Leader at IECB

In June 2013 Raul V. Duran joined the IECB as a Group Leader, focusing on the crosstalk between metabolism and cell signaling in cancer cells.

Raul V. Duran obtained his PhD at the University of Seville (Spain) in 2005 on cellular bioenegetic of cyanobacteria under the supervision of Prof. Miguel Angel de la Rosa. Then, he joined the lab of Prof. Eyal Gottlieb at the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research (Glasgow, UK) as postdoctoral researcher (2OO6-2009). During this period, he worked on the metabolism of cancer cells, with special emphasis oh the role of prolyl hydroxylases as regulators of cell metabolism. Later on, he moved to the lab of Prof. Michael N. Hall (Basel, Switzerland) as a senior postdoc (2010-2013) to study the role of glutaminolysis as an amino acid sensing mechanism upstream of mTORC1.

For his arrival Raul Duran obtained a grant from the "Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale (FRM)" ; his team is part of the unit VINCO (U916, Inserm/ Université Bordeaux Segalen/ Institut Bergonié)


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