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The IECB is an international research team incubator at the chemistry-biology interface.

Its mission is to bring together the most promising scientists in chemistry and biology in an environment designed to facilitate the development of first-class interdisciplinary research programmes in collaboration with international public and private research centres.

IECB aims at becoming:

  • one of the best European research centres in the fields of physical chemistry, chemistry and biology;
  • a national benchmark for the quality of its research and its management procedures;
  • one of the driving forces of Aquitaine’s research with strong ties with the regional academic and industrial community.
Institut Européen de Chimie et Biologie
2, Rue Robert Escarpit - 33607 PESSAC - France
Tel. : +33 (5) 40 00 30 38 - Fax. : +33 (5) 40 00 30 68
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