Unusual Nucleic Acid structures




Nucleic acids are prone to structural polymorphism: in addition to the well known DNA double-helix, a number of alternative structures may be formed. Several genetic diseases are mediated by the formation of non-B DNA structures at certain chromosomal locations. Among these oddities, a family of nucleic acid secondary structures known as G-quadruplexes (G4) has emerged as more than a novelty. These structures can be formed by certain guanine-rich sequences and are stabilized by G-quartets. The evidence for quadruplex formation in vivo is compelling. Our goals are now to conceive and validate new biochemical, bioinformatic, and physico-chemical tools (compounds, aptamers, tests, physical properties tables…) to demonstrate that G4 DNA or RNA is (or is not!) involved in particular biological functions.


A quartet (left) and quadruplexes (right)

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