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IECB hosts a new start-up

IECB hosts a new start-up

Ureka, a young innovative enterprise created in 2010, has been located at the IECB since last July. 

Specializing in peptidomimetic foldamers, this start-up is now based at the European Institute of Chemistry and Biology (on the campus of the University of Bordeaux) in the immediate proximity of Gilles Guichard’s team, with whom Immupharma (Ureka’s parent company headed by Dr. Robert Zimmer) has been collaborating  since 2002 to develop the UrelixTM technology.

In 2010 this collaboration then led to the creation of Ureka, with the aim of transferring the peptide mimetic technology based on urea derivatives into the marketplace, in partnership with the CNRS.

Thanks to its patented technology (UrelixTM), Ureka is able to modify and stabilize natural peptides with an industrial-scale level of efficiency. The young enterprise is now focused on developing a new class of drugs targeted towards several therapeutic areas, including diabetes.

Last October, Ureka, was awarded a grant from the Regional Council of Aquitaine to support its R&D technology transfer in order to accelerate the clinical development of therapeutic compounds for the treatment of diabetes – a great award for this fast growing company that counts four employees, including three researchers.

urekateam_illustrationarticleUreka's team, from left to right:

Sébastien Goudreau (Research Director), Claire Venin (Researcher, medicinal chemistry), Juliette Fremaux (Researcher, medicinal chemistry), Laura Mauran (Ph-D student (Guichard/UREkA)), Colette Guichard (Administrative Manager).

Learn more about Ureka:

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