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“Crystal: A window on the invisible” opened its doors

“Crystal: A window on the invisible” opened its doors

“Crystal: A window on the invisible” opened on October the 10th at the Halle des Chartrons of Bordeaux to present crystallography, an essential tool in modern scientific research.

It’s within the framework of the International Year of Cristallography that the Natural History Museum of Bordeaux has joined, among others, the Bordeaux Crystallography Association (ABC) to hold this exhibition.

From the birth of the discipline to the major discoveries over recent years, it will take us on an exciting journey exploring the heart of matter and the heart of applications developed in Aquitaine Laboratories.

From pharmaceutical production to biotechnology, archeology and the study of magnetic materials, the exhibition shows that crystallography is ubiquitous in everyday life and presents all form of cristals.

At the heart of the exhibition is a series of panels entitled “A cristal journey” and conferences are scheduled every Sundays.

Crystallographers from the ABC, including members of the Structural BioPhysico-Chemistry platform of the IECB, partner of the exhibition, will take turns everyday to present the event.

The opening of the exhibition was held on October the 14th.

The Halle des Chartrons is showing the exhibition until October the 31th. The entry is free.



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