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Ivan Huc

Supramolecular bioorganic & biomimetic chemistry

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Gilles Guichard

Peptidomimetic chemistry

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Cameron Mackereth

NMR spectroscopy of protein-nucleic acid complexes

jlm2_taillewebJean-Louis Mergny

Unusual nucleic acid structures

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Derek McCusker

Dynamics of cell growth & cell division

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ddupuy2016portraitDenis Dupuy

Genome regulation & evolution

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Anne Royou

Control and dynamics of cell division

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innis Axel Innis

Translation Regulation of Gene Expression

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raul3Raul Duran

Metabolism & cell signaling

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photo1Antoine Loquet

Solid-State NMR of Molecular Assemblies

fredericfriscourtidnb Frédéric Friscourt

Chemical Neuroglycobiology

portraitdstaillewebDavid Santamaria

Novel mediators in lung oncogenesis

portraitremi2RĂ©mi Fronzes

Structure and function of bacterial nano-machines

ncarulla_picturejpeg NatĂ lia Carulla

Protein aggregation and disease

Associate member

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Valérie Gabelica

Mass spectrometry of nucleic acids and Supramolecular complexes

LĂ©on Ghosez

Organic & medicinal chemistry

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